IMPORTANT NOTICE Meetings and events postponed until further notice due to COVID-19

  • Due to the current situation concerning the corona virus (COVID-19) and based on the three levels of governments' guidelines on the matter, CONFED has chosen to postpone all meetings and events taking place in April until further notice. This will include the "SPEND TO WIN" Campaign lucky Draw scheduled on April 1st. 

  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope to see you all in the near future when things have settled down and we all have a clearer scope of the situation.

  • *All vendors please keep in good custody of all entry ticket stubs and the unused lucky draw tickets. We will keep you posted once situation resume normal. Tentatively we are aiming for the draw in early June. Thank you for your support.

In the meantime, any questions and further inquiries regarding this matter can be sent to the four Chinese Business Association.

Stay Safe and healthy,  and remember to practise social distancing.

See you all soon! 


  The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has severely impacted local Chinese economic activities, especially those businesses in retail, tourism, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.  In order to revitalize the local Chinese community economy, the Confederation of the Greater Toronto Chinese Business Association and many businesses in GTA will launch a Spend to Win Lucky Draw Campaign to encourage spending in the Chinese community.

The Spend to Win Lucky Draw Campaign will be from February 14th to March 31st.  Consumer spends $ 30 or more (before tax) at any participating Chinese business with a receipt will receive a lucky draw ticket at the Participating Merchant for an unlimited number of times, while quantities last.  Prizes including  a pair of Air Canada round trip economy class ticket to over 200 destinations that you can select from , $200 and above gift cards and a lot of prizes.

中國新型冠狀病毒疫情爆發,嚴重打擊本地華人經濟活動,影響範圍甚廣 ,尤其零售業、旅遊、超市、餐飲業均成為重災區, 為了振興華人社區經濟,大多市華商總會聯同一眾商戶, 將會舉辦大型抽獎活動, 獎品包括機票及現金禮獎等,鼓勵華人社區消費。

此項大型抽獎活動將於2月14日至3月31日期間, 凡在安省大多市任何參與的華人商戶消費滿30元  (税前), 可憑收據到參與商户領取幸運抽獎券一張, 次數不限。 抽獎者將有機會獲得 豐富禮品,包括由多加拿大航空送出 超過200個自選目的地來回經濟客位飛機票兩張  、 現金禮券及現金代用券等,獎品豐富.


Summary 活動撮要

Campaign name 活動名稱  Support Our Business Communities 支持華商

Campaign period 活動日期:  February 14 to March 31, 2020

Organized by 舉辦機構:  Confederation of Greater Toronto Chinese Business Association


Official Website 官方網站:

Supported by 支持部门:  Ontario Government, MPPs, GTA municipal governments 


Covered area涵蓋地區:  Greater Toronto Area 大多倫多市地區

Lucky Draw date 抽獎日期:  April 3, 2020 (Friday)

Result posting公佈日期:  April 8, 2020 (Wednesday) on official website 查閱網站

Award Day頒獎日期:   To be announced稍後公佈

How to enter the Spend to Win Draw: 

You can obtain a lucky draw ticket from the participated merchant (list of merchants shown below) when spend more than $ 30 before tax. Please fill in name and contact information and return the ticket stub to the merchant and the draw on March 31. Please keep the ticket and original receipt for future verification.

Please contact the four organizers if you have any further questions.




Participants 參加商戶

· Participating merchants will hand out official lucky draw tickets to customers who spend $30.00 or more before taxes per visit per day and complete the lucky draw stub parts are qualified to enter the draw. 

· Participating merchants are encouraged to donate one or more gifts with retail value total not less than $200 each. 

· Participating merchants agree to abide by all rules and regulations of this campaign

· Participating merchants and their related parties are not qualified to receive any prizes from the winning draws if such draws are drawn on the tickets of which it distributed. 

· 參與活動的商戶須同意向每次消費$30或以上的顧客分發一張抽獎券,送完即止。

· 參與商戶可以自發選擇捐贈至少一份價值不低於$200.00的禮物。

· 參與者需同意遵守本次活動的所有規則和規定。

· 活動參與商户自身將不參與本次活動的抽獎環節。

Gifts: 獎品

Two  (2) Air Canada round trip economy class ticket to over 200 destinations      that you can select from

由加拿大航空公司送出: 超過200個自選目的地來回經濟客位飛機票兩張

· Full list of minimum $200 and above gift cards, gift items and cash vouchers

多份每份超過價值$ 200的禮品卡或豐富的獎品

Gifts list will be added and updated on regular basis on official website.



Campaign promotion activities

Press Conference 2-12-2020

Press Conference 2-12-2020

Press Conference 2-12-2020


Press Conference 2-12-2020

Press Conference 2-12-2020

Press Conference 2-12-2020


OMNI - Focus Cantonese

OMNI - Focus Cantonese

OMNI - Focus Cantonese


OMNI - Focus Mandarin

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OMNI - Focus Cantonese



Please review the information files below:

Downloads 有關文件下載

Merchant List 参加商户列表- 0225 (pdf)


Merchant & Gift List 参加商户奖礼品列表 - 0225 (pdf)


Participating merchant Registration Form 商户参加信息表格 CE 0215 (pdf)


Spend to Win Summary Fact Sheet- 消费奖奖奖活动须知 0308 (pdf)